Administrative and procedural legal relations as conceptual initial of forming of administrative procedure law of Ukraine

The theoretical problems of forming of administrative procedure law in Ukraine in the context of its place in the national system of administrative law through the administrative and procedural legal relations are analyzed. The head problem in the scientific literature is scientific and doctrine conflict salvation between administrative law and administrative process. A "Wide" conception of administrative process, that is the most confessed doctrine approach in science of administrative law, has been
on leading positions for a long time, as her authors light up essence of administrative process despite of the different spheres of realization of administrative material legal relationship by means of judicially and legal facilities. Usage theoretical principles of "wide" conception of administrative procedure makes possible to avoid scientific inaccuracies connected with description of separate types of judicial legal relations in administrative law. Scientific differentiation of administrative norms in the context of becoming of the new system of administrative law created the necessity of clear structuring of administrative activity of public and organs of local self-government authorities in accordance with requirements judicial – and procedural providing of legal and realization relations. We claim that denial of existence of procedural and tort character in the administrative procedure norms may cause conceptual mistakes in administrative procedure law formation. The conclusion is made, that on the modern state of reformation of administrative procedure legal relations the administrative procedure law must be presented comprehensively. If the subject of administrative procedure law is comprehensively described, it will lead to separate administrative procedure relations from administrative procedure powers in the framework of the «wide» concept of administrative procedure. As the result administrative procedure, administrative tort and administrative justice law will be created. It is proven, that the by the condition of separation of administrative procedure law from the administrative and processual law, there will be a possibility of forming of administrative tort law in the system of national administrative law. At that rate an administrative processual law
in a prospect can be presented exceptionally by the sphere of the administrative legal proceedings. It is summarized in the article about the necessity of forming of three branches of administrative law: administrative procedure law, administrative tort law, administrative and processual law.