The Administratively-Judicial Status of the Subjects, Unprovided with Public Powers

In the article the features of administratively-judicial status of the subjects, unprovided with public powers are considered. Attention is accented on the necessity of inhibition of the rights and legal interests of physical and legal persons in the sphere of the administratively-judicial regulation. To the group «non-power» subjects in the administrative process is suggested to take in: 1) citizens of Ukraine; 2) foreigners and persons without citizenship; 3) refugees and persons which need additional or temporal defence; 4) legal entities (except for public bodies, establishments which have status of legal entity); 5) public associations. Administrative judicial status of subjects, unprovided with public powers is characterized an aggregate of the administrative judicial rights and duties, guarantees of their providing, realization of which takes place within the framework of different kinds administrative judicial activity (administrative proceeding).