Current issues of protection of human rights in conflict with the law in Ukraine

According to Article 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine: "A person, their life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and security are recognised in Ukraine as the highest social value". This approach is not exceptional and has long been reflected in the legislation of every democratic and developed European country. Nowadays, human rights and freedoms and their guarantees determine the basic content and direction of state action, which is fully responsible to human for its activities and has its main duty to establish and ensure human rights and freedoms. However, despite all the efforts of states, including Ukraine, to prevent violations of human and civil rights, their number is growing every year. The issue of protection of vulnerable groups, one of which is convicted and taken into custody, is particularly acute. The study concludes on the improvement of the institution of pre-trial report, for the imposition of appropriate punishment. There is a need for constant provision of qualified social and psychological support for convicts, both during supervisory probation and at the stage of penitentiary probation. Emphasis is placed on the establishment of a system of patronage over convicts released on parole within one year after release. Monitoring their behaviour, checking social conditions, psychological and emotional states are important components in the mechanism of application of approbation programmes. That is why there is no doubt regarding the urgency of conducting a full and thorough scientific study of the protection of human rights in conflict with the law, through the lens of quantitative and qualitative components of complaints received by the competent authorities of the Ukrainian state in order to establish the main causes of violations and ensure their prevention in the future

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(4).2020.199-213