Automated Information Systems as Means of Improving the Investigation of Murders

The modern automated information systems as means of improving the investigation of murders has been studied in the article, its characteristics also have been given, the approaches to its creation and the possibility of its introducing in forensic practice have been studied too. The article disclosed the role and benefits of these systems for increase the quality of investigative activity, especially its intellectual component, such as: the nomination and verification of investigative leads, the investigation planning, organizing criminal investigation of unknown person and others. The information model system «STOP killer» was presented to wider implementation of automated information systems in murders investigating practice. Its main purpose
is the possibility of constructing versions on killers’ individual and motives of the crime in automated mode. It is emphasized that the information base for the operation of this system serving formal information about the circumstances in 1100 murders committed in different regions of Ukraine for the past 10 years. Viewing data and using the system for constructing versions can be carried out using a computer, tablet or mobile phone with any browser. It is proved that the proposed system is intended primarily for using by employees of law enforcement bodies in the investigation of specific murders as a supplementary resource to build investigative leads, as well as planning the preliminary investigation to the most effective investigative (detective)
action. In addition, it can be successfully used in teaching purposes by academics directly in criminalistics classes as an interactive visual material, particularly, as the illustrations or lectures or by students during homework in the study on the investigations organization and planning, construction and check investigative leads because this system has a simple interface and does not require special training of the user.