Factors Affecting the Formation Legal Awereness in Ukraine

The article analyzes the main factors influencing the process of establishing justice, highlighted positive and negative trends. First of all carried out a historical retrospective determination of the legal nature of legal awareness, and given to the author's definition of «legal awareness». The author also analyzed the types and features of formation of legal consciousness of the Ukrainian society at the present stage of the creation of the state. Provided generalized signs of consciousness. First, a form of social consciousness; Second, subjects are diverse entities. Thirdly, the object of legal awareness is human's relation to legal phenomena, individual expression and social assessments of justice or injustice of the laws of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies and others. Fourth, it is an active element of the regulation, the basis for the development of law and legal thinking. Fifth, justicelegal awareness – is a specific means of self-regulation of behavior. The author outlines the main
ways to increase the level of legal awareness of the Ukrainian citizens, as well as the main levels of the dynamics of transformation processes of justice. In particular, it is determined that the main areas that affect the development of the sense of justice, are law, politics, economics and religion. In addition, the focus is on the importance of raising the level of legal awareness in the context of EU accession.