Determination of violent crime

The scientific article is devoted to the problem of determination of violent crime through the analysis of concrete conditions of people’s life and the reasons of their changing. The author analyzes the causes and conditions for violent crimes committing. The most important factors of violent crime determination that exist in family and domestic and social spheres of society’s life were considered. System reasons of violent crime against the person is the most complex relationship. It is such sort of complex phenomena and processes that mediate the social influence on the formation and modification of behavior. Among the most important reasons for the violent crimes in the family and domestic sphere was found the problem of domestic violence. Criminal violence is kind of an indicator of negative trends in the society. The nature and scale of the violence depend on the characteristics of economic, social and cultural development. The deterioration of living and quality of life in the country promotes
criminal psychology. Deformations of social values among youth have a significant influence on the psychology of violence development. Vagrancy and homelessness play the significant role in the reproduction of violent crime. Another factor in the determination of violent crime acts is alcoholism and anesthesia of population. In a scientific article the author has attempted to establish the main factors for the origin phenomenon of violence and commission of violent crimes in Ukraine.