Activities of the Local Government Entities in the Field: Improvement of Legislative Security

Problem formulation. Since the Law of Ukraine regulating the activities of local authorities, including in the field of management was adopted before the Economic Code of Ukraine, it could be argued that there is a problem of improving the legislation in the direction of the unification of the corresponding conceptual apparatus and application of regulation. In accordance with Art. 3 of the Economic Code of Ukraine, local self-government is a subject endowed with economic competence in the management of economic activities. Analysis of recent research and publications. Issues powers of local governments, as well as mechanisms of organizational-economic relations, engaged scholars such as the D. Z adykhaylo, P. Lubchenko, V. Milash, V. Pashkov, S. Seregina, B. Ustimenko, R. Dzhabrailov and others, but objectively and comprehensively the problem of adaptation of the legislation on local self-government to the concept and categories of modern commercial law and the law has not been studied.
Formation purposes. The aim of the article is to highlight issues of systematization of legal support of organizational-economic powers of local self-government in accordance with the provisions of modern law. You must analyze the defects of the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the legal framework of local government in the field of management. On this basis, to ascertain the group the necessary legislative measures for improving the effectiveness of the participation of local governments in the economic legal relationship by making appropriate additions to the text of the Economic Code of Ukraine and municipal legislation of Ukraine. Statement of the basic material. The state, heading for the decentralization of public power implies the need for intensive development of municipal and economic legislation, in particular in the context of an accurate, detailed and legally correct ordering of organizational- economic powers of these bodies in the field of management. There are doubts on the status of local government in the Economic Code of Ukraine, as municipal authorities in the exercise of economic activity as the subject of organizational-economic powers involved and the economic and industrial relations, and has elements of a commercial activity. Therefore, we consider it necessary to amend the text of the Economic Code, to allocate economic activities of local governments in a separate Institute of Business Law – local governments as a participant (subject) law. Conclusions. After analyzing the current legislation, it should be noted that the Law of Ukraine «On local government in Ukraine» does not give the legislator adequate and proper classification of powers of local authorities according to their competence, as well as the Economic Code of Ukraine does not pay enough attention to the issues of competence and powers of local governments, which in turn requires a detailed study, improve and create a single effective mechanism, which in turn would ensure the effective regulation and management in the field of management.