Effective control over ensuring human rights and freedoms as a dimension of a democratic society: Social context

This research aims to study the problem of ensuring effective control over the implementation and observance of human rights and freedoms, in particular, in the format of social rights. The relevance of the stated topic is determined by the expediency of rethinking the nature and significance of social human rights in the context of modern realities, recognising the fact that the quality of life of each individual depends on the possibility of timely implementation of these rights, and therefore special attention should be paid to ensuring effective control over the observance of social rights in the context of democratic legal development. The basis for the research were the following problems: ensuring a sufficient standard of living for citizens in today's challenges and threats, legal certainty as a prerequisite for a stable law and order, lack of clear guarantees to ensure effective control over human rights and freedoms and more. The purpose of this study is to analyse the role and importance of the nature of social human rights as a component of social policy in order to justify the need to improve control in all its forms and manifestations of the effectiveness of their observance, protection and provision in today's conditions. Important methodological tools in the study were the provisions of the dialectical approach, which provided an opportunity to reveal the nature and purpose of social human rights, as well as areas for improving control over their provision and protection. The main results obtained during the research were: coverage of the essence of social rights at the present stage; study of the nature, levels of manifestation and types of control over the implementation and observance of human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. The value of this work lies in obtaining practical recommendations for finding ways to improve control over the provision and protection of human rights and freedoms in the context of modern democratic development

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.15-26