On the Characteristics of Doctrinal Sources of International Human Rights Bodies Establishment: (Hersch Lauterpacht’s Pioneer Project)

The Article shows that it was Hersch Lauterpacht (former student of Lviv University) who wrote the draft for UN body for controlling the compliance of an International Bill of the rights of man. The article briefly interprets basic provisions of Lauterpacht’s project, some of which were embodied in human rights treaties of global and regional level. These provisions i.a. include: entitlement of a person to be the subject of international law (i.a. entitlement of a person to claim justice in regard to human rights violation before an international court); establishment of a state’s duty (a) to report before this body on its human rights policy and (b) to execute its decisions and recommendations; entitlement of a person to lodge his claims after all internal remedies are exhausted; this body must have at least two divisions: the first one for the dissemination of complaints, the second one – to adopt judgements; acknowledgement of the right to lodge a complaint for individuals and different organizations so as for any state-party of the
International Bill of Rights of Man. Most of these ideas were reflected in future regulations of human rights bodies across the globe.