To the Questionnaire of Legal Guarantees for Employees at Massive Development

The article is devoted to the study of the important and actual for today the problem of mass release of workers in connection with changes in the organization of production and labor, namely legal guarantees of the release of employees. The legal categories of “guarantees”, “legal guarantees”, “guarantees of labor rights and freedoms of the employee” were investigated. Author’s definition of the term “legal guarantees of labor rights in mass release of employees” is given: it is a separate, independent, legal category, which is a collection envisaged by the norms of general and special legislation, means, methods and conditions of realization, protection and protection against unlawful violations of labor rights , Freedoms of the employee in cases of mass layoffs due to the reduction of the number or staff of employees caused by the liquidation, reorganization, bankruptcy of the enterprise (in Organization, organization). It is concluded that the legal guarantees for the liberated workers play a decisive role in
their further socio-labor formation in the field of implementation of labor and are aimed at regulating the material and moral aspects of the release of workers in Ukraine.