The question of the legal framework of social insurance of the population in Ukraine

The author investigated the history of the development of social insurance of the population in Ukraine. They noted that the origins of insurance of the population accounted for 90-ies of the XIX century. Investigated the activities of the Kharkiv working societies and the Odessa society of mutual insurance manufacturers and artisans from accidents.Defined the first steps in the legislative regulation of this sphere, in particular, analyzed the Law On the compensation of victims due to accidents of workers and employees, as well as members of their families, enterprises factory, mining and plant industry 1903, its main provisions and conclusions about the positivity of this legal act. In the context of this article also reviewed scientific opinion lawyer A. M. Nolken respect to this legal instrument. The author of the article the influence on the development of insurance of the population of the revolution of 1905 and analyzed laws, which were adopted by a Third State Duma as a result of active strike movements of that time. In particular, “About maintenance of the worker against sickness”, “On insurance of workers against accidents”, “On education of the presence of insurance business” and “About formation of the Council of insurance business”. The author analyzed the size of material aid in accordance with division by categories of employees are separately discussed the relations arising in connection with pregnancy. Also differentiated relations due to injury, disability and death of the employee. Separately investigated pension provision of employees in terms of coverage and defined procedures preceding the assignment of pensions.