On the issue of payment of wages at a rate lower than the prescribed statutory minimum

This article is devoted to issues related to salaries of employees. Analyzes the laws and views of scientists on this issue. It is noted in Charge of the timely payment of wages and of not lower, from established law. An extend item 1 article 41 The Labour Code of Ukraine not only to the legal entity, but also to their deputies, heads of structural subdivisions, their deputies, chief accountants and their deputies, that the whole governing its composition, since they: 1) formulate policies of a legal entity;
2) direct the activities of its business units and manufacturing units to: a) achieve high economic and financial performance; b) ensuring increased productivity; c) the introduction of new technology and innovative methods of management; d) improving the economic mechanism; 3) provide: a) the realization of the objectives of economic indicators; b) performance of financial obligations to the state budget, suppliers, customers and banks; c) the use of funds for the intended purpose; 4) resolve financial and other matters, and as a consequence – to create conditions for compliance with applicable wage conditions. The appropriate approach should be reflected in the issue of full liability of officials responsible for the late payment of salaries for more than one month, which led to compensation for violation of terms of payment, and provided that the State and local budgets Ukraine, budgets, legal state-owned entities have no debts to this company.According to paragraph 11 of the article 41 The Labour Code of Ukraine entity vested with disciplinary rights in respect of the head are the owner or authorized body. An analysis of law enforcement, this approach significantly reduces the benefits of the mentioned regulations. Indeed, in many cases, and represented by the same person or employer is as close as possible (eg, with family, personal or other out of service close relationship). The way out of this situation is the empowerment of the respective right capability State Inspection of Ukraine on labour for
state supervision and control over the observance of legislation on wage enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, type of business, management, individuals who use hired labour and work of individuals, the Council of Ministers of Crimea, executive authorities and local governments.