Contract as a Legal Fact in the Family Law

The purpose of article is to outline the trend to increased discretionary principles regulating family relations. It fi nds its expression in the increasing role of contract in family law that creates conditions for the emergence, along with the regulation under the law of contract system of regulation of family relations. Relevance following issues particularly acute due to the fact that domestic jurisprudence and practice refused to use the legal construction of contract for the regulation of family relations for a long time. Although the legislation does not contain a direct prohibition on the use of contracts in family law, as well as the possibility of separate agreements imply marriage, but in practice the construction contract is not actually used. Today we have a fairly broad, recognized by law, the scope of public relations. It may be subject to individual contractual rather than regulation. Among the important family of contracts other than marriage contract, the contract include the wife and husband that with any of them after divorce will be accommodated children that participate in ensuring that their lives will the parent who will be living alone, and the conditions exercise of the right to private education of children, the so-called «contract of divorce»; contract of the wife and husband to provide maintenance; treaty between wife and husband of termination rights for content instead of acquiring title to the property or obtaining a one-time cash payment; treaty between mother and father of the child on the payment of child support; treaty between mother and father of the child to terminate the child’s right to child support in relation to the acquisition of title to property; treaty between wife and husband of determining the order of use of property; treaty between wife and husband of separation of real property; agreements that may be entered into by men and women who live as one family, but without marriage. Achieve this goal requires an appeal to the theoretical conclusions and practical recommendations Ukrainian and foreign scientists in the fi eld of general theory of law, civil and family law. The author presents the characteristic of the contract in family law from the point of view of the theory of legal facts. The role of the contract as the basis of creation, change or termination of the individual relationships within the general family relationship is disclosed. The main directions of the likely impact of the agreement on the development of family law, as well as questions about the relationship between individual contractual and regulatory family relations are considered. The author concluded that contracts as legal evidence of family law should entail occurrence, modifi cation or termination of the individual relationships within the general family relationship,
and thus have as its object the moral family and property relations between spouses, between parents and children, adopters and adopted, between the mother and father of a child for its education, development and maintenance, as well as between grandmother, grandfather, greatgrandmother, grandfather and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, stepmother, stepfather and stepdaughter, stepson and other family members.