Evidence and proof: trends in the imporvment of the criminal procedural law

 In the criminal proceedings, the fact of violation of human rights and freedoms, as well as possible abuses from the part of the bodies that directly conduct a pre-trial investigation, provides grounds for the scientific study of this topic. Such actions have to be clearly regulated by a legislator in criminal procedural law. That is why, the main purpose of the work is to analyse evidence and proof, which contribute to the improvement of criminal procedural law. To achieve this goal, analysis method, philosophical doctrine and cognitive and practical were used. It has been determined that the absence of one approach to the institute of admissibility causes the discussion concerning the question about an opportunity to adopt procedural decisions in criminal proceeding on the basis of evidence obtained in violation of the procedural form, and about legal effect of such evidence, that is, whether they have proof meaning. It has been revealed that it is impossible to affect objective status of thing and processes only by means of legislative activity, without needed methodological foundation, system of administrativemanaging and organisational means