Research of activity of police by the professor M. Killias and their value

The article considers the fundamental principles of the contents and methods of studies by professor of the University of Zurich (Swizerland), M. Killias, related to the police performance evaluation. Survey of victims in 2011 performed by M. Killias by up-to-date author’s methods, belongs to significant criminological achievement in terms of depth of scientific interpretation of the results. It has demonstrated that in Switzerland the amount of rape crimes, robberies, illegal entries of a dwelling has increased. Over 7 % of respondents notified that in recent 6 years they suffered from illegal entry of a dwelling, while in 2004 they were just 5,1 %. Most crimes were committed mainly in public places by the persons under 26 years of age. In terms of rape offences
and crimes Switzerland took up the middle position among the European countries. The author proposes to give up two myths: that Switzerland is the «island of safety» and that it is the safest country of Europe. M. Killias belives that the main reason is lenient criminal legislation. Who beats – doesn’t have specific problems, which would prevent him from such a behavior in the future. Reform of too lenient criminal legislation and change of living standards of victims shall change the negative tendency.
In solving the problem of victim’s rights protection, M. Killias places special emphasis to proper execution of police functions, which requires increase in the quantity of police officers according to the requirements and objective changes of modern society.
The majority of respondents are satisfied both with police performance, and providing information on the proceedings. M. Killias concluded that filing of an application to the police on crime depends less on the image of the police than of personal factors – the amount of damage, comparison of possible losses and expected profits. Prevalence of power abuse of police officers consistently decreases population confidence in them. According to the data of A. A. Bova (for 2006) among persons addressed to police, 25 % of victims of theft from a car, 11 % of victims of theft from dwelling, 14,3 % of victims of robbery and 20,8 % of victims of assault wee satisfied with police performance. In Switzerland, as opposed to Ukraine, high level of population satisfaction with police officers’ performance is based on positive changes in the presence of police officers in special places and qualitative work of police officers generally. Important directions of enrichment of Ukrainian sciences of criminal cycle include assimilation
of ideas and methods of studies from the works of M. Killias in German, English and French languages, and publications of other German-speaking specialists. Study of the police performance under the methods of international crime victim survey (ICVS) opens possibility of full-scale comparisons and integration of Ukrainian scientists into scientific great spaces of EU countries, as well as improvement of effect of scientific developments on the practical activities of the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.