Formation of source base of the comparative historical and legal research: issues of methodology

The article deals with the specifics of sources used in comparative historical and legal research. The grounds for classification of historical sources depending on the idealistic and materialistic view of the historical process are considered. An optimal classification of historical sources on the types and categories is given. Proceeding from the needs of the methodology of comparative historical and legal analysis, systematization of all written sources on historical documents and other historical sources is carried out. The definition of a historical legal document is given, its specificity is revealed. The classification of the national written historical sources of L. Pushkarev is analyzed, conclusions on the possibility of its application during the formation of the source base of comparative historical and legal research are drawn about. As an example of the application of methodological guidelines, the systematization of written historical sources of comparative historical and legal analysis of the institute of peace judges established in the Russian Empire for the judicial reform of 1864 is given.