Philosophy of Law at Lviv National University after Ivan Franko in the Afterwar Period (1946–2016)

The article researches the stance of philosophy legal science development and lecturing at Lviv University during 70 years after completion of the Second World War. Special attention is being paid to the characteristics of such researching in independent Ukraine. It is proved, that problems of the general law understandings (including – natural law), as well as fundamental human rights sustain main subjects of such researching. Within realm of the general problems of law understanding particular attention has been paid in Lviv to researching of nowadays such an important variety of law understanding as natural. There has been discussed, in particular, the question of its’ terminological nomination, in connection with this P. M. Rabynovych suggested to use instead of the term «natural» (law, law understanding) adjectives «social natural», «general social» Albeit most fundamentally the problem of natural law understanding had been done in Lviv at the beginning of the ХХІ century by S. P. Rabynovych (nowadays – professor of the Faculty of Law of Lviv National University after Ivan Franko). Thus, in 2005–2012 he had researched «jus natural» understanding of law as conceptual methodology approach in practical legal science. The main results of such researching lie in the following: there were constructed the system of correlation model between natural law, morals and morality on the basics of differentiation of the senses of «due» in law; there were provided set of arguments on instrumental
and «own» value of natural law approaches in jurisprudence and legal practice, there were analyzed philosophy legal significance of the main notions and categories of the classic European «jus natural» in unity of historical and logical moments of their development; there has been defined methodology and practical legal significance of the differences between materialcontent and formal-structural (procedure) ways of conceptual unification between natural and positive law, there has been demonstrated interconnection and particularities of relations of the moral and legal features of the principles of justice, balancing and equality as that of forming basics of the natural law conception.