Ukrainian social welfare system development in the context of European integration

At the stage of development of a new social security system in Ukraine, it is important to research and study all possible models and develop recommendations for the implementation of the most effective ones. The relevance of this study lies in the investigation of the regulatory framework that operates in Ukraine and the possibilities of its improvement and reform into a more specific regulation. The purpose of the study is to examine the basics and principles of the social security system, the study of existing social security systems that operate successfully in foreign countries. To investigate and analyse the possibilities of improving the social security system, the study used specific and general scientific methods of cognition, including the method of synthesis and analysis of literature sources, review of Ukrainian and foreign regulations on social security. The methods of information collection and processing, a comparative method, were used to research the possibility of implementing the experience of European countries in the Ukrainian social security system. The study examined the existing systems and models of organisation of social assistance to the population in different countries. The models of social assistance are compared, and the advantages and disadvantages were identified. The structure and prospects of the current system of social security of the population in Ukraine were studied and analysed. The most positive examples were identified for implementation in the current legal framework in order to improve and enhance the quality of social services in Ukraine. It was established that research and analysis of foreign experience would help identify the most effective models of social security. Analysing and studying the problem would allow to explore the disadvantages and advantages of the systems of different foreign countries. With the help of a step-by-step analysis, several principles of social security were identified, which would have the opportunity to become the basis for the development of the Social Code of Ukraine

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(4).2020.242-254