The Global calls and threats of national safety in an informative sphere

The article reviews the main geopolitical changes in the information sector, development trends information space at global, regional and national levels, key issues and emerging challenges and threats to national security in the information sector.
The research is based on the complex application of research philosophy, general and applied levels of interconnection and complementarity. Pointed out in major geopolitical changes in the information sector, including the rapid transformation of the information space western states into a single global information space with a dominant role in the control of information streams of United States and the EU ; enhance spatial interdependence of states due to the global information infrastructure based on the Internet; significant expansion of military information space; reinforcement processes associated with the development of partnerships and global information counter, expanded the Russian Federation; converting the information space of global, regional and national levels on one of the main areas of geopolitical confrontation. Substantiated the importance of information security in the context of human society and the state information counter problems of violence, information operations and global information confrontation (war). The main sources of external information security threats Ukraine, including the activities of foreign political, economic, military, intelligence and information structures; desire of some countries to limit domination and interests of Ukraine in the global information space; aggravation of international competition for the possession of information technology and resources; increasing technological gap between the leading nations of the world and increase their ability
to counter create competitive domestic information technology; activity space, air, sea, land and other technical means (types of) intelligence of foreign countries; development of a number of states concepts of information warfare. The grounded key actual and potential challenges and threats to information security of Ukraine, including the existence of problems of formation and implementation of adequate public information policy; lack of effective information-analytical support of the leadership of the state and public authorities; attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine from foreign countries by means of media and communication; Use of the information space by foreign States to information or military aggression; spread negative information and
information technology’s impact on the human mind; development of new types of foreign powers information weapons and weapons of cyber character; dependence of critical national information infrastructure from foreign manufacturers of high-tech products; lack of priority of the national software; low competitiveness of domestic high-tech industries of information technology; manifestations of unauthorized access to personal data and information resources of state and local governments; spread offenses, terrorist, separatist and other criminal offenses in the area of information; discrepancy legal liability modern challenges and threats to information security; lack of effective democratic control over the activities of information security, protection of the national information infrastructure and information space Ukraine. It is concluded that international cooperation Ukraine in the field of information security should be based on a combination of national interests in the area of information, clear understanding of the real and potential threats and challenges, methods and means of prevention, detection and suppression, as well as the proper legal support.