Public advices as consultative-deliberative organs are at President of Ukraine

A pressing question, that presently becomes fundamental from the point of view of those processes that take place in Ukraine, is examined in the article. The question is about participating of public in a government and acceptance of important decisions, that answers the attempts of power to give to the Ukrainian state of final democratic maintenance. Position of author of the article in accordance with that these public formations are the perspective form of participation of public in the dispatch of state businesses speaks out, not having regard to limit nature in the imperious plenary powers that the decisions of such public advices carry for President not obligatory, but only consultative character. An author establishes at the same time, that the basic function of consultative-deliberative organs at President is bringing in of representatives of civil society, research workers, scientists, specialists in concrete spheres. Exactly the presence of such people «alongside with President» can and must provide
contemporaneity, innovativeness and efficiency made decision by him. European experience of functioning of public advices is analysed in the article, drawn conclusion, that such structures appear with the aim of compromise between power and society,
id est between «parties» concerned, with those, whom a concrete state decision influences on.