The idea of independence and freedom in the activities of Hasan Oraltay

Hasan Oraltay is a Kazakh figure abroad, researcher of the national liberation movement, historian, publicist, author of works in Turkish, Kazakh, English, German and other languages, honorary professor of the International Kazakh-Turkish University. He devoted all his life to serving for the benefit of the Kazakh people. In the 20th century, the Kazakhs of East Turkestan waged a liberation struggle for their freedom and independence. Hasan Oraltay wrote a chronicle of the life of the Kazakhs, persecuted by the totalitarian communist system in their homeland and gained freedom in the West. His writings highlight the history of the Alash national intelligentsia and all the pressing problems of Kazakhstan. The scientific novelty of the research is determined by the fact that the article deals with the writer's and, as is known, the historical role of Hasan Oraltay, from the perspective that the Kazakhs of East Turkestan, picking a pen, declared the first swallow of the national liberation struggle to the world. Half a century ago, his first book was published in the Turkish city of Izmir “On the way to freedom. Kazakh Turks of East Turkestan”. Until the last period of his life, all works written and organised by him were devoted to urgent problems concerning the Kazakh people, for the Kazakh past and future. Radio Azattyk (RL/RFE) was the first to speak about the uprising of Kazakh youth against the Soviet system in December of 1986. Later, Hassan Oraltay published in the Western press various articles about the December events, collections and books, in which he assessed the protest mood in Soviet Kazakhstan. The practical significance of the study is determined by the fact that for 27 years of service in Azattyk, Hasan Oraltay constantly raised the urgent problems of Kazakhs in the Soviet Union. The study collected all information on the ideas of independence

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.97-108