Information Society: Challenges for Legal Regulations

The paper carried out research and analysis of existing strengths and weaknesses as challenges for the legal regulation of information society through research and synthesis of existing knowledge leading array, domestic and foreign scholars and scientists. Established a common component of all the issues of the information society, manifested in manipulating the public, thanks to mankind imposing certain goals or installations that do not meet legal requirements. It was concluded that the rapid development of information and communication technology not only brings significant benefits to society, expanding and opening new possibilities of development, but also has some drawbacks that can negate a significant portion of existing benefits. For the benefits of the information society require substantial efforts at the international, national and personal levels. Addressing these and other issues of functioning of the information society requires serious efforts of various specialists, these efforts should be directed to make recommendations at the international level that will humanize the process of development achievements of the information revolution, strengthen the advantages and weaken the existing shortcomings.