Internet‑libertarianism and internet‑etatism in the context of the internet rights of a person

The article gives a description of the problem of inconsistency and imbalance between the Internet-libertarianism and Internet-etatism in the context of the Internet rights of a person. The author generalises opposing fundamental positions on the matter of the balance between human rights and freedoms on the one hand and legal and factual capacities of the state authority to control the Internet space and its members on the other hand. The author's brief description of mentioned paradigms is given, the author evaluates their key ideas and describes them by using examples. The profile of the newest basic examples of imbalance between these paradigms is provided. The article includes the most indisputable and rational postulates of Internetlibertarianism and Internet-etatism. Relevant views of some scientists are analysed. On this basis, the author provides proposals for the creation of a well-adjusted approach whereby the balance between ensuring the Internet rights and common human rights on the one hand and state's capacities in the sphere of control of the Internet infrastructure elements, on the other hand, is possible