Historical and Legal Problems of Formation and Development of Information Sphere and Information Law in Ukraine (end of Хх – beginning of Ххі century)

The article highlights the relevant historical and legal problems of formation and development of information sphere, information society and information law as areas of public relations, branch of science and academic discipline at the end of the XX–XXI century in Ukraine. Author introduces contemporary areas of information that need regulation. The major historical periods of the development of society and public relations in Ukraine were determined. The basic stages, historical features, trends and systemic problems of formation and development of national information legislation are defined. Priority areas of historical and legal research in the information sphere were defined, namely:
– genesis of scientific thought regarding protection of rights, freedoms and human security in the information sphere and finding a balance between human rights and the need to protect the legitimate interests of society and the state in the information sphere;
– study of the history of socio-political and legal doctrines concerning the establishment and development of the information sphere and the information society, public policy and public administration system in information sphere, information law and information legislation;
– analysis of historical and legal problems of informatization, development and implementation of information technologies, resources, products and services in various areas of human life, society, state and international community;
– studying the historical and legal issues of information security, counteraction to information terrorism, cybercrime and other offenses, the development of national and international security in the information sphere.