History of partnership relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with far abroad countries (1990-2000)

The relations with foreign countries, which began to be implemented in the first years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan are of particular importance. It is known that conducting the country's economy in accordance with the requirements of world market relations, receiving investment and financial assistance from these countries, exchange of experience, the establishment of import-export trade relations have become the basis for the future of the country. That is why the establishment of multifaceted relations on an equal footing with foreign countries, whose economies have reached the level of advanced development, is included in the main work plan of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The article considers the political, economic and cultural partnership of the Republic of Kazakhstan with Japan, Turkey, South Korea, India, Israel, Mongolia and other foreign countries in the first decade of independence. Data, documentary materials and works of scientists dealing with international politics were used, a scientific analysis of the topic conclusions were made, and recommendations for further study of the case were given

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.109-118