Italian experience of the administrative justice functioning

The development of administrative legal proceedings in Ukraine determines the search for optimal ways to improve the system. Each country has its own strategy for the functioning of administrative justice, which depends on cultural, historical, national, integration processes, as well as the gradual formation of the legal system of a particular state. The main purpose of the study is to analyse the Italian experience of the administrative justice functioning. To achieve this goal, various theoretical methods are used. The method of legal forecasting allowed to identify areas for improvement of administrative justice in Ukraine. The author presents the concept and features of administrative justice operation in Italy in matters of protection of violated rights, freedoms and interests of individual and citizen by decisions, actions and omissions of the authorities; analyses the system and structure of administrative justice in Italy, its specialisation; features of some categories of public law disputes and delimitation of jurisdiction of administrative courts and general courts in resolving certain categories of administrative cases, features of their reading in administrative courts of Italy of first and appellate instance; powers of the Italian State Council in resolving public law disputes, and powers of quasi-judicial tribunals of Italy, which perform the functions of justice. It is revealed that the administrative courts of Italy are empowered with the rights to assess the activities of public administration. Based on the experience of other countries, including Italy, we can conclude that a well-built system of administrative justice can help protect the rights of Ukrainian citizens and the rule of law. But it is important not only to focus on foreign countries, but also to take into account the peculiarities of the legal system of Ukraine

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(2).2020.27-48