Esport: problems of the legal regulation

The article deals with the development of a new sphere of eSports in Ukraine and with the problem of the expediency of its special regulation. For a more detailed consideration of the issue there were used comparative­legal, historical and formal­logical methods. Attention is paid to the existing ways of settling civil law relations in the sphere of eSports using the regulatory framework available to date. The article also raises the issue of intellectual property rights to products in the field of eSports, the issues of setting up contracts in the field of caber sports in general, and with juvenile eSportsman in particular. The problem of the exclusive right to broadcast cyber­tournaments is analyzed. It is established that one of the problems of legal regulation of relations in the eSports field is a complex model of distribution of rights to broadcast tournaments. And the conclusion of exclusive agreements on the broadcast of eSports tournaments between game developers and tournament organizers will solve this problem