Complex Area of Law: Statement of the Problem

The article investigates the conditions of development of the legal system of Ukraine in modern conditions of life of society. In this regard, studied topical issues, including the need for the provision of new branches of law. Also studied the question of whether this branch of law called complex. Known around the world the tragic events in the east of the country require revision of the authorities and their powers. Need to take a lot of new laws that will govern the new relationship. This situation poses jurisprudence many complex issues that need to be addressed. Relates to the revision of existing laws. Must be made so that these laws were more modern. It is also necessary to identify ways for their further development. New views of scientists on the development of the legislation have led to many discussions. One such debate concerns the existence of so-called complex areas of law. Some scientists believe that certain groups of the rule of law must be regarded as separate branches of the law, because they are unique. This uniqueness lies in the fact that the law does not share a common mechanism of regulation. At the same time, other scientists believe that any complex areas of law does not exist. They explain this by the fact that many of the rule of law and institutions of law intersect. But that’s not to say something unusual. This is normal. If you choose this logic, then each element of a complex system of law – it’s just a complex industry. These thoughts lead to a dead end and will not be allowed any one scientifi c problem. We can only say that these complex industries are passing link to these areas of the law. You have to understand the most important thing that the legal system is a theoretical model for the practice of law.
Therefore, any new terms can be very dangerous. They can confuse lawyers. First you need to develop a theory, the concept of integrated industries. We need to understand whether they are necessary. Only then can you make some changes in science. Otherwise, the problem will only become more complicated.