Consolidation as a Form of Systematization of Legislation Ukraine

In the article author researched forms of systematization of national law by their characteristics, varieties. Courtesy of the author's definition of «consolidation» under what is commonly understood as a kind of systematization of legislation, which is implemented in the rulemaking State authorities and aims to streamline regulations, which are only subject of legal regulation into a single, consolidated legal act without changing their content.  The approaches scientists to consolidate the main features of which agreed to provide that: 1) consolidation, unlike codification does not impose new regulations; 2) consolidated act acquires its own properties, in accordance with the previous acts are not just your information, but also legally binding; 3) the consolidation of an official nature; 4) consolidation acts required recipients. Studied the world experience in the development and adoption of consolidated acts. After analyzing the legal practice of Ukraine and some countries in Europe and the US, the author concludes that the result of the consolidation of legislation may be the adoption of a consolidated regulation that can be adopted in the form of a code or law. Due to the constant increase in the number of legal acts in the legal system of Ukraine which regulate homogeneous area of public relations, consolidation has become the most priority systematize national legislation.