Constitutional complaint (German & French models)

Checking for compliance with laws is a topical issue for study. The author aimed at analyzing constitutional complaints, on the example of the German and French models. In order to distinguish and analyze the differences and advantages of the German and French models of the constitutional complaint in the presented article various theoretical methods were used. The author provides detailed information on the functioning of the constitutional complaint institute in Germany. The motion of such a complaint in the Federal Constitutional Court has been sequentially described. It analyzes the changes that have taken place in the French legislation regarding the introduction in this country of the order by which individuals may raise the question of the constitutionality of the law. The author revealed the differences and advantages of the models studied. It is investigated that the advantage of the German model lies in the fact that in this state a constitutional complaint opens up to each individual opportunity, without using procedures in another court, to express their doubts about the constitutionality of any norm derived from the state. Conclusions are made about the completion of the German model and the obvious prospects for the development of the French model