Lviv Laboratory on Human Rights – 20 years

The article highlights reasons of creation in 1996 in the structure of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine Lviv Laboratory on Human Rights, as well as main results of its’research activities and promotion the process of Constitution and other legislation of Ukraine improvement, its’ interpretation and application. Namely during 20 years of Laboratory research activities there were published over 40 editions of its’ «Works», presented in two series (first – «Researches and referats», second –
«Commentaries of legislation and human rights»), including list of compilations of the European Court on Human Rights judgments translations; participation in organization of about 25 international and national scientific and scientificpractical
conferences, round tables, trainings; about 25 defended PhD dissertation on general theoretic problematic – these are the most significant achievements of the research activities of the collective of Laboratory co-worker. Publications of the Laboratory are located nowadays not only in the main public and universities libraries of Ukraine, but as well in the libraries of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Supreme Council of Ukraine, Supreme Court of Ukraine and in the premises of the European Court on Human Rights. During 2007 – 2015 Laboratory provided scientific support of the elaboration and argumentation of the suggestions aimed at modernization of the most «human rights protection» provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine according to their international standards (first for the National Constitutional Council, later on for the Constitutional Assembly, and finally for currently functioning Constitutional Commission). The final result of the long lasting scientific activities of the laboratory had become the draft-law of Ukraine «On amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (in relation to human rights, freedoms and obligations)». It was published along in the magazine «Law of Ukraine» (2015 р., № 10) along with Explaining Note and Comparative Column on respective articles of the current Constitution.