Methodological bases of knowledge of the ukraine's national security law

The article deals with the problems of using methodological approaches in the knowledge of the Ukraine's national security law as a branch of the national legal system. The relevance of the research is of the utmost importance of the problems concerning the legal support of Ukraine's national security in the context of globalization changes in the world order, violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine due to the aggression of the Russian Federation.The purpose of the research is to disclosure the methodological bases of the Ukraine's national security law, as a branch in the system of national law. Modern scientific approaches and methods are used to achieve the purpose of research.The basis of knowledge of the Ukraine's national security law is interdisciplinary and systematic scientific approaches. An interdisciplinary approach provides for the research of all components of the national security law through the use of the means of various sciences and branches of jurisprudence. The system approach in understanding the Ukraine's national security law is comprehensive, allows you to discover the structure of this branch of law, defines the place and role of personality in social communications of the Ukraine's national security system, and to critically re-evaluate the methodology of structuralism and the structuration theory in the light of the particularities of national security law. The institutional-functional approach complemented the capabilities of the systematic approach and allowed to reveal the institutional features of the Ukraine's national security law, its functional purpose. Of particular importance in the knowledge of national security law is the holistic scientific approach that helps to determine the substantive integrity of this branch of law using the theory of integrity. The synergistic approach reveals the regularities of selforganization of national security law with the release of non-linear characteristics, which necessitate the use of the paradigm of rhizomes and orient the axiological basis of this branch of law. The research resulted in the discovery of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the Ukraine's national security law, and the application of the methodological approaches of cognition considered in the work, along with the use of the appropriate legal regime, allowed the author to substantiate the concept of national security law in the legal system of Ukraine