Limits of Exercising of Ssubjective Civil Rights

This article deals with the problems of determining the limits of the subjective civil rights exercising. In this study the author conducts a consistent analysis of the etymology of the concept of «limits of exercising of civil rights», examines the philosophical and other prerequisites for the development of this category and its consolidation in the law. A thorough introduction is provided to the transformation of the perception of the limits of the subjective civil rights exercising in the pre-revolutionary civil law, in civil law of the Soviet period and in modern civil law. Special attention is paid to the lack of a unified approach to the perception of this category in modern law. An absence of the unified theoretical approach in the Ukrainian civil law in solving this issue resulted imperfection of the legal regulation of the limits of exercising of subjective civil rights on the legislative level. The author grounds in the article the correctness of usage the term «limits of exercising of subjective civil rights» instead the term «limits of
subjective civil rights». Also the author states that there are three levels of the limits of exercising of rights: individual, general and over-general.