Mikhail Hrushevsky – the Оutstanding Ukrainian Statesman (To the 150th Anniversary of his Birth)

Development of research of events in Ukraine after 1917 revolution fevralskoy Particular Wikipedia at udeleno importantly this problem – the national-state-owned Renaissance of Ukraine. Proanalyzyrovana vыrabotannaya M. Hrushevskym concept of transformation in Russia demokratycheskuyu, federatyvnuyu republic and form national-neu terrytoryalnoy Autonomy in Ukraine. Especially detail analyzyruetsya principles federalism, constitutionalism, wide local government. The documentary shows the material role in this protsesse bessmennoho Ukraynskoy Director of Central Rada M. Hrushevskoho. Activities M. Hrushevskoho Proanalyzyrovana to community, his part in activities Scientific Society Shevchenko behalf, participate in activities Ukraynskoy Parliamentary hromadы in composition and a second Hosudarstvennыh thoughts. Activities M. Hrushevskoho nauchnaya solved in эmyhratsyy and a proof Academy of Sciences of the USSR.