The local referendum as a form of support of the real democracy

The most important feature of modern mature civil society and democracy is to ensure the principle of democracy and the existence of effective mechanisms for immediate implementation. Fundamentals of referendums in most countries recognized the integral form of implementation of full power of the people. The Constitution of Ukraine provides the opportunity to implement the power by the people on the national level and through its local communities at local government level. Prospects for further development and improvement of referendum democracy in Ukraine is closely related to the improvement of the legal and organizational-andlegal mechanisms for its implementation. In this context, special attention should be paid to the institute a local referendum, the definition of the subject, an exhaustive range of subjects to purpose, to proclaim referendum, mechanism for its implementation and so on. A local referendum is an effective means of control of local communities over local authorities. The article is devoted to the theoretical problems of implementation of local referendums in European countries, the specifics of their implementation in practice and forms of their implementation, the necessity and directions of further development of law in this area in Ukraine. The main criteria for determining the level of democracy legislation in this area should be guarantee adherence to the principles of democracy and openness in the preparation and conduct of local referendum. In particular, the legislation should regulate the procedure, forms and ways to implement the campaign, the principles of official observers, media etc., define the procedure for appealing against unlawful actions, inaction and decisions that may arise during the preparation and conduct of local referendum. The article is devoted to the different other issues related to the coverage of the subject of a local referendum.