The role of International Standards of local self-government in the process of Ukraine’s European integration

The article uncovers the fundamental issues of the current international standards implementation in the legal foundations of local self-government in Ukraine. The paper also provides with a list of most essential contemporary international legal treaties, which form a framework for action and establishment of the principles of organization and functioning of local self-government in European states. Exposing the key shortcomings of the current approach to the consolidation of international standards of local self-government in domestic legislation of Ukraine. As an outcome of this work, the author forms a variety of paths Ukraine should follow in order to ensure a new comprehensive approach when building or re-building local self-government, with total constitutional overhaul being the best and most effective one. International standards implementation is a light to follow on a narrow path of European integration. Even in modern day, the legacy of the Soviet Union still prevents our country from advancing on a path of incorporation of the European values, being the first and probably most important step on the way to the European Community. Before implementing the standards of European legislation into our legal system, we should first adjust it in the best way possible to ensure a distinct and consistent implementation of specified standards. Current state of our legal system as well as the list of legal procedures regulating this process can be described as dissatisfactory. This includes not only inadequate legislation but also some serious issues residing on the constitutional level. Without a doubt, particular changes to the text of the Constitution (being a result of various previous constitutional reforms) proved inefficient. Ukraine and its people desperately need a new draft of Constitution to eliminate the outdated soviet mentality.