International legal mechanisms of ensuring social and labor human rights

The formation of a modern scientific concept on the significance and role of international legal fundamentals for ensuring social and labour rights is a pressing legal issue, the solution of which contributes to the formation of a legal and social state in Kazakhstan, the reform of national legal regulation in the context of the country's international legal obligations. The purpose of the article is to perform a comprehensive analysis of the system of international legal framework for ensuring social and labour human rights in Kazakhstan at the present stage. The specificity and complexity of the research subject conditioned the use of an entire complex of general scientific and special scientific methods of cognition, such as: dialectical, structural-functional analysis, system analysis, formal-dogmatic and others. As a result of the research, the author established that the institutional aspect of the international legal framework acts as the “core” of the interaction between international and national law in the field of ensuring social and labour human rights. The reasoning is provided that, in the researched field, the international standards play the role of determinants of unification and consolidation of domestic legislation, determine the level of guarantees in the social and labour sphere, and also perform the function of developing national legislation and become the most important parameters for its reform. The processes of reforming the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the social and labour sphere in the context of the influence of international legal obligations undertaken by this state are analysed. The author also states that the leading direction of the legislative process in the social and labour sphere of public relations for the short term will be the consistent implementation of European standards in the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with consideration of their progressive nature, orientation towards development of a social state and the need to preserve national identity