Municipal policy as a priority area of legal policy in the context of reforming the territorial organisation of power and European integration of Ukraine

The present study investigates the problems of development and implementation of municipal policy in Ukraine. It was found that the essence of municipal policy of Ukraine, given the ongoing decentralisation reform, is that it is a relatively stable, organised, purposeful activity of public authorities and local governments, which aims to build a capable local government, adequate to the needs and interests of territorial communities. The study describes the elemental composition of municipal policy. The authors of this study established that its elemental composition includes: the concept of system-structural and organisational-functional organisation and activities of local authorities at different levels of administrative-territorial organisation; a coordinated system of regulations that govern the organisation and activity of local bodies of state executive power and local self-government, establish the scope and limits of their competence, determine the features of interaction and the procedure for resolving disputes between them; regulatory basis of resource provision of local self-government; legislative definition of a body or official in the structure of state executive bodies, which represents the interests of the state in the corresponding territory, has the right to exercise control powers, and constitutes a link between the territorial community, local governments and the system of state executive bodies; formally defined decision-making algorithm on issues relating to local self-government; system of monitoring the national municipal policy. The authors also identified the main blocks of issues under study, which require further use of a comprehensive scientific approach to their legislative solution

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.129-143