Scientific Approaches to Formation of Separate Grounds for Judicial Review of Decisions by the Supreme Court of Ukraine in Criminal Proceedings

The article is devoted to general theoretical analyzes of specific grounds for judicial review of decisions by the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the criminal proceedings. Such an analysis is made on the basis of European Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court of Ukraine. A special place in the article by highlighting the relevant provisions of the Law of Ukraine «On the right to a fair trial». Specifically, detailed analysis of the content of the following grounds for judicial review of decisions by the Supreme Court of Ukraine as an unequal application of the court of cassation of the same law, the Law of Ukraine on criminal liability in such relationship that led to the adoption of different content of judgments (except for unequal sanctions of
criminal law, exemption from prosecution or punishment); unequal application of the court of cassation of the same rule of law laid down by the Criminal Procedure Code, which led to the adoption of different content of judgments; discrepancy in the judgment of the court of cassation opinion on the application of the law laid down in the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the establishment of Ukraine Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms during pre and / or proceedings that may affect the application of the law of Ukraine criminal penalties. In the article the author studied the ratio of legal categories as «rule of law» and «rule of legal», «like relationship» and «such socially dangerous acts», «uneven sanctions of criminal law» and «punishment».