Innovative legal views regarding stages of development of e-governance

Based on the research and generalization of the array of data from leading foreign and domestic scientists, the article considers the stages of development of electronic governance in Ukraine and the world, performs their general theoretical analysis, and proposes an author’s innovative legal views about this issue. It has been established that electronic governance (like other complex social systems) is characterized by a complex process of creation, implementation and development that presupposes a certain sequence of stages. Realization of each of these stages is characterized by: a specific goal, a total of criteria for achieving it, tasks, time frames and resources that have been involved; all these factors are combined by the final goal of the system and the maintenance of its integrity. It can be concluded that even a brief overview of the stages of development of e-governance indicates that this issue is given special attention, both in Ukraine and other countries, and therefore, above all, it is necessary to understand that it is a matter of informatization of state authorities: of all its levels and all administrative processes