Object and System of Military Crimes

The article analyzes the object of the crime, which has been the subject of discussion of forensic scientists for many years. The author analyzed the main existing points of view that the approach that the object of the crime defined social relations protected by the law on criminal liability is the most compelling. This approach adequately addresses the problem of the object and makes it possible to reveal its structure and content as well as classify objects and identify their species,
demonstrates the relationships with other elements and features of a crime. Considering this methodological basis of crimes against the order of the object passing (objection) military service, offers its own definition of genera and species of objects of military crimes, which are the elements of the internal structure of the object. Specific items are defined as criteria for the systematization of these crimes and their separation into separate distinct groups. Under the generic object of military crimes author understands under Section XIX of the Criminal Code of Ukraine legal relations which are formed and operate in the implementation of military personnel (liable for military service) and military service are the basis for the normal functioning of the military organization of Ukraine, comply with the legislation of Ukraine and are protected by the criminal law from criminal attacks.