Certain aspects of state service reform

The study of the issues of civil service reform in Ukraine in the current conditions of development of Ukrainian society and the state is an extremely relevant subject and requires appropriate research. The author aims to analyse the most resonant reform measures in the civil service, which were recently initiated by the government and received mixed reviews, in particular, the announced redundancy in the staff of civil servants and the introduction of a contract form of civil service, as well as to offer scientifically sound proposals for improvement of appropriate measures. In the work with the use of general scientific and special methods of scientific knowledge (dialectical, Aristotelian, comparative law, system analysis) the legal bases and scientific sources on redundancy of staff and contractual form of employment are considered; the provisions of the national labor legislation were compared with the provisions of the national legislation on the civil service, which provide for the rules of staffing cuts among civil servants, including guarantees of their rights upon dismissal on appropriate grounds; the provisions of the national legislation concerning the rules of application of contracts upon appointing civil servants are investigated. The conclusion is made: 1) on the need for appropriate revision of the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service"; 2) on the expediency of creating new productive jobs in various sectors of the national economy, where redundant civil servants will be sent after retraining; 3) that any reforms of society and public administration must be carried out subsequent to an in-depth study of public opinion, analysis of possible negative consequences, development and implementation of compensatory mechanisms. It is emphasized that it is mandatory to involve scientists, experts-practitioners, employers, and representatives of public, in particular trade unions, in the process of developing reforms in civil service

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(1).2020.14-25