Certain aspects of the system of public administration of universities: World practices and the Ukrainian dimension

The article deals with determining ways to improve the system of public administration of educational institutions in order to ensure competitiveness. Were analysed the main trends in the regulatory support for the activities of higher education institutions in the article, as a result of which the basic innovations of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, which became the basis for the formation of systems of academic mobility, virtue and autonomy, were defined. The main problems of development of higher education system in Ukraine were identified, consisting of imperfect management mechanisms, inefficient system of financing and incomplete implementation of processes of academic autonomy defined by law. The main approaches to reforming the higher education system in Ukraine were analysed, as a result of which the role of the public administration system in the regulation and coordination of higher education institutions were determined. Today this system is not flexible and therefore cannot be effective. The creation of approaches to the rating of higher education institutions determines the format of redistribution of funds in the system of state financing of education. This system will motivate educational institutions to improve the quality of the educational process, research activities, academic mobility, partnerships, the level of material and technical resources of the educational process, the level of employment of graduates in the specialty and the like. These indicators provide motivation to improve the performance of higher education institutions, but do not fully solve the problem of lack of funding, in particular for innovation. Low pay for faculty members also affects the educational process negatively. Thus, the article gives recommendations on the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of the system of state management of universities, which consists in creating opportunities to attract financial resources of partners of higher educational institutions, cooperation of education and business, simplification of the system of development of grants and financial cooperation with foreign educational institutions

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(1).2021.99-105