Some issues related to the applicability the civil liability in the arena of professional football

This article is devoted to the features of using the types of sanctions in professional football and their legal nature. Effective protection the rights and interests of participants in footballs sports competitions is impossible without the application of legal liability. In the sports field, these include: general (civil, administrative, criminal and disciplinary) and special sports liability. Each of them has its own specific features related to the specifics of the sports field. The author has studied the issues of the civil legal nature of certain types of sanctions provided for by the regulatory and disciplinary documents of the respective football organizations. In professional football, civil liability measures play the predominant role, which include sanctions provided for by disciplinary acts. For example, the mandatory cash contribution in the national currency. The author believes that it is wrong to identify the said sanction with a fine in the traditional sense of civil law legislation. In addition, public relations arising in the field of professional football about the use of responsibility, based on the voluntary execution of the sanctions taken against them by offenders. According to the author, this feature is inherent in civil liability