Separate legal challenges of optimization of legislation in sphere of economic relations

The article discusses the establishment of a systemic connection between «legal economic order» and «economic constitutional order», also focused on the potential use of public- private partnership in the relationship with the oligarchic holdings and raised the issue of legal regulation and cross-sectoral nature of government macroeconomic regulation. The article describes the dysfunction of the existing constitutional regulation of economic relations. So, the question is raised about the lack of legal consolidation of business activity in the system of market relations, the absence of constitutionally the state regulation of economic activity. Emphasizes the need for the structuring of the Constitution of Ukraine in a separate section of the «economic system» with fixing key aspects of the functioning of a modern market economy in the conditions of globalization. In particular, the question of legal consolidation of business entities, the protection of corporate rights, legal regimes of management, regulatory roles and functions of state of economic relations. A separate problem is the definition in the Constitution of Ukraine of the special role of small business and legal forms of its state support. Actualized problem oligarchic structure of holdings in the national economy and the need for development of legal policy in this regard. Oligarchic holdings discussed in the article as subjects macroeconomic authorities. Therefore, the construction of public-private partnerships is preferred to address the establishment of responsibilities between the state and the oligarchic holdings in order to achieve macroeconomic results regarding the rate of growth, innovation, environment protection, social obligations etc. Separately, the article raised the question of the formation of a holistic and system mechanism of legislative support of macroeconomic regulation. It is stated that even in the form in which it exists today, much of the aspects of the separate tools such regulation is almost absent in the Ukrainian legislation that violates the requirements of Art. 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Particularly affected by the question of cross-sectoral integration of legal regulation of economic relations, which affects not only business items, but also the financial, environmental, and other branches of national law. Particularly acute this integration is required in the creation of a legal mechanism for the implementation of macroeconomic regulation.