Identity of the Offender as an Element of Criminalistical Characteristic of Crimes in the Sphere of Service Activity

In the article dominant in legal literature approaches to the interpretation of the term «identity of the criminal» are analysed. It is noted that the identity of the criminal is interdisciplinary and complex by its structure category. The attention is focused on the fact that the identity of the criminal as a structural element of criminalistical characteristics of crimes in performance has an information, tentative and praxeological importance in the investigation of these criminal offenses.Examining the scientific approaches to the definition and constituent elements of a criminal personality, materials of criminal proceedings (criminal cases), the results of a survey officers of the National Police of Ukraine and prosecution as well as statistics about the state of crime in Ukraine and results of the investigation of criminal offenses, the author of the article defines the list of features that characterize and form a system of «identity of the criminal» in criminalistical characteristic of crimes in sphere of service activity. The persons who commit crimes in sphere of service activity are characterized by general (age, sex, education, citizenship, marital status, employment, criminal record) and special (presence status and category of official, scope of authority, the scope of its activities, the presence of corrupt called the relationships, committing a crime by criminal gangs, motivation and goals offense) signs.It was concluded that such element of criminalistical characteristics of crimes in sphere of service activity as the identity of the criminal has correlation with the ways, conditions and traces of these offenses. It allows to optimize the activity of the preliminary investigation of these crimes by the correct determination of directions and methods of such investigation.