Features of Prosecutors of Military Offices of Public Prosecutorʼs Legal Status

The scientific article is devoted research of legal status of public prosecutors of military Offices of Public Prosecutor. Its urgency is caused by increase of value of activity of military Offices of Public Prosecutor in the conditions of military aggression from Russia. The service in military Offices of Public Prosecutor has considerable specificity which demands appropriate theoretical judgement. Problems of the organisation and activity of military Offices of Public Prosecutor, and also legal status of military public prosecutors were a subject of scientific researches of many scientists, however the given theme has not been settled. It causes necessity of the next theoretical analysis of this points in question. The scientific article purpose is research of features of legal status of military public prosecutors compared with public prosecutors of territorial Offices of Public Prosecutor. Features of legal status of military public prosecutors are one of characteristic signs of military Offices of Public Prosecutor who define their specific place in system of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine as specialised Offices of Public Prosecutor. These features are caused by specificity of a subject field of activity of military Offices of Public Prosecutor which the military sphere is. Realisation of a principle of specialisation involves necessity of increase of competence of public prosecutors for that sphere правоотношений in which they realise functions of Office of Public Prosecutor. Therefore the public
prosecutors having experience in military sphere should be employees of military Offices of Public Prosecutor. Besides, they act as a part of this sphere, therefore service in military Offices of Public Prosecutor is militarised. The conclusion is drawn that military public prosecutors have considerable features of legal status in comparison with public prosecutors of territorial Offices of Public Prosecutor. These features consist in an establishment of special requirements to candidates on post of military
public prosecutors which should be officers. Employees of military Offices of Public Prosecutor pass military service. Their service has double regulation: the legislation on Office of Public Prosecutor and the legislation on military service. Besides, in sphere of regulation of service in military Office of Public Prosecutor the President of Ukraine has considerable powers. Also for military public prosecutors the special bases for dismissal are established. All these features are caused by special subject sphere of functioning of military Offices of Public Prosecutor. Thus military public prosecutors are not allocated with any special powers, their rights and a duty are same, as well as at other public prosecutors of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor. In it
the unity of the status of public prosecutors and system of Office of Public Prosecutor is shown. Necessity of addition of Section ІІІ the Law of Ukraine «About Office of Public Prosecutor» is proved by separate article which in a complex would regulate features of legal status of prosecutors of military Offices of Public Prosecutor.