The Features of Tactics of Inspection of Electronic Documents During the Pretrial Investigation of Infringements on the Life and Health of a Journalist

The article focuses on the features of tactics of inspection of electronic documents during the investigation of infringements on the life and health of journalists. The views of scientists on the concept and nature of the electronic documents are reviewed. Author classifies electronic documents examined by investigators during the investigation of the studied crimes. General recommendations for inspection of electronic documents are suggested. The features of inspection of electronic documents placed on physical data storages, on the Internet (including Internet publications of journalist) as well as on cloud storage services are studied. The ways of obtaining access to these types of documents by the investigator are illustrated. The author considers the opportunities of involving specialists into this kind of inspections. An indicative list of attributes of such documents, as well as the specifics of recoding the results of their inspection are described. It is established, that electronic documents are an important source of evidential and orienting information in criminal proceedings regarding infringements on the life and health of journalists, which must undergo specific procedures of inspection.