Features of management justice in the United States of America organization and legal aspect

The article is devoted to the scientific analysis of the functions of the bodies of justice of Ukraine. One of the conditions of the scientific organization of the state administration is the functional approach to the determination of the administrative loading of every link and element of this system. It allows on every stage of the state development and in certain conditions to find the most expedient and perfect distribution of the administrative loading on every element of the system that in its turn stabilizes and improves all the state system. They are determined, firstly, by the certain limits of the functional purpose in the mechanism of management, secondly, by the insufficiently effective reforming of the existent system toward expansion or decline of their functional loading. That is why, one of the main task having the scientific and practical value for regulation of bodies of justice appointment is the investigation of their function. Such approach is the purpose of the presented publication. In the article it is proved that bodies of justice of Ukraine execute the special, inherent only in them functions. But it is necessary to focus attention on that functional directivity of bodies of justice is inexhaustible. It can be explained by that bodies of justice come forward as a leading legal department not only in the structure of the executive power but also as the core element of the legal providing of the interdepartmental, interauthoritative and international interaction. The scientific thoughts of the leading juriprudents on this problem, in particular, such as: V. Averiynov, U Bitiak, V. Garashchuk, V. Bogutskiy and others have been presented by the author. Legal regulations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine functioning have been considered. In the article it is proved that, from one side, bodies of justice are directed to the performance of the general administrative functions characteristic for all executive bodies, and , from the other side, the inherent only in them functional loading . It became the basis for affirmation that
the structure and functions of the government body are іnterconnected: from one side, the absence of one of these categories eliminates the other one, from the other side, it is introduction of changes in one of them leads to the changes of the other one.
By the author it has been invesigated as general-admiministrative functions of the state power, in particular, such as: integrating, regulating, motivating, control, uniting, repressive and stabilizing ones so specific functions, inherent to bodies of justice such as functions of the providing of the single legal space of the country and providing of the functional interaction of the bodies of justice of different levels, functions of the right to powers providing, the right to certificate , law-enforcement and right to registration and so on. The main conclusion of the publication is that though in the Ukrainian society and legal scientific sphere it is quite difficult to follow the the world tendencies of reformation of relations of the authorititive-administrative character, and this, in it is turn, brakes carrying out of the state and legal reforms, the institute of justice administration experiences the difficult stage of the formation and expansion of the authorititive-functional powers.