Features of determination of judicial jurisdiction in disputes about the appeal of action (inaction) of the state registration

The article is devoted to the study of the features of the determination of judicial jurisdiction in cases of appeals against actions (inactivity) of the state registrar. The use of court practice materials in preparing this scientific work allowed the author not only to analyze the institution of judicial jurisdiction from the standpoint of the element of law, but also to determine the relevance and significant issues in the implementation of such component definitions in judicial practice and, in particular, in the practice of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court. the jurisdiction of the court, as the subject matter of the controversial legal relationship and the nature of the latter. The author stresses the complexity of determining the proper court in cases involving the state registrar. It is established that the necessity of assigning cases of this category to the areas of activity of the courts of administrative or civil jurisdiction is conditioned, respectively, by the absence or presence of a civil-law "color" of the controversial legal relations and public-law grounds of the dispute